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glyph-range indexes in the SVG table are not searched correctly


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The documentation for the 'SVG ' table, at both [1] and [2], says that the glyph document index entries have fields [startGlyphId, endGlyphId] to define the range, implying that it is defined as a closed interval that includes the specified start and end glyph IDs.

However, the gfxSVGGlyphs::CompareIndexEntries function at assumes it is dealing with a half-open interval [startGlyphId, endGlyphId) where the specified end glyph ID is NOT considered to be part of the range.

As a result, it will fail to find and use an SVG glyph whose ID is the endGlyphId of the relevant index entry.

I ran into this when creating test fonts for bug 875629, and worked around it by simply having my font-creation tool write half-open intervals in the SVG glyph index. However, we need to make the code actually match the spec. (Alternatively, we could change the spec, but I don't see any reason to prefer that option.)

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This just updates the test fonts from bug 875629 to replace the half-open interval in their glyph indexes with a closed interval.
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Hmm, the sanitizer code in ots/src/ to check the index ranges is also wrong - it allows the startGlyphId of a range to be equal to the endGlyphId of the preceding range, which would be correct if they were half-open intervals, but is wrong for closed intervals. Additional fix attached.
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There's one last piece here: we need to rebuild the original svg.woff test font using a corrected tool to generate the proper glyph index entries; otherwise the updated sanitizer code will drop the 'SVG ' table from it due to overlapping ranges, making all the tests fail.
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