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Change {Array, Map, Set} iterator methods to mach the latest spec


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This is a follow up of bug 869996.

Quoting Rick's comments in bug 869996, the spec had been changed for the iterator methods of Set.

> Please see of the latest
> specification draft.
> .next() should produce an ItrResult object that has both a "value" and
> "done" property. The "value" property's own value will be as those shown
> above, the "done" property will be a boolean value that is |true| until
> there are no more values to yield, at which time it will have the boolean
> value |false|
> See line 14 comments, StopIteration has been removed from the design of the
> feature
This actually applies to:
Summary: Change Set iterator methods to mach the latest spec → Change {Array, Map, Set} iterator methods to mach the latest spec
Blocks: es6
Blocks: 907717
I think this has been done for MapIterator and SetIterator objects? Wingo can you confirm?

Then I'll make the changes accordingly in bug 894658 for ArrayIterator methods.
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As noted, see bug 919948.
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This has been fixed.
Closed: 11 years ago
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For documentation purpose, in which release (and if possible in which bug to be able to access info in it).
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This was done in bug 907077 for Sets, Maps and bug 919948 for the Array Iterators.
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Assignee: general → wingo
No longer blocks: 907717
Depends on: 907717, 919948
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla27
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Reviewed, thanks :arai!
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