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Remove Gecko support for WBMP


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In bug 847310 we added support for WBMP images and in bug 852053 we limited it to FirefoxOS. However, my understanding is that WBMP is only needed for MMS (and possibly a few other apps like Gallery). If that's the case, we can easily write a JS library to decode WBMP and draw the results to a <canvas>, add that library to those apps, and remove WBMP support from Gecko. This will eliminate one difference in FirefoxOS vs desktop Gecko, and shrink Gecko a little --- worth doing.
Shih-Chiang, does this make sense to you? If so, can you do this? The sooner the better.
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Shih-Chiang, I am in Taipei this week. Lets chat. I can help with the approach if needed. We have done this before for pdf.js.
No problem, I think wbmp.js is a good example about how we add a non-web-standard feature in to FirefoxOS.
I made a JS library you can use:
I suppose that wbmp.js will be used to inline render the <img> in HTML documents. In this case, the following 3 use cases will need to take into consideration:
1. dynamically add/remove <img> point to WBMP file.
2. access <img> attributes in javascript, like get height/width.
3. manipulate <img> attributes via javascript or css, like fade in/fade out.

These might be the hardest part of this bug.
@roc and @gal, how do you think the scope of wbmp.js?
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I suggest extending wbmp.js to create a <canvas> element with the correct size and draw the image into it. Then the <canvas> will behave very much like a regular <img> element --- the things you mentioned should work.
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Looping @schung and @djf since there are only two apps, Message and Gallery, need to display WBMP image currently.

Using wbmp.js on <img> will lose the original img.src and mimetype. Per discussion with @schung, losing src and mimetype information seems not a problem to Message app.

As for the Gallery app, displaying WBMP is still under discussion.
For MMS use case like bug 887164, user can save a WBMP image to device storage. We will need a JS API to add supported file types in order to save the original WBMP binary file in to device storage.
Can we save it as a PNG instead?
Save as a PNG is ok for the purpose of displaying images, but user will not be able to re-distribute the same binary file. I'll definitely want a solution that can extend the full support of an unknown file/mimetype.
Wouldn't it be better to redistribute the image as a PNG? A lot more software can display PNGs than WBMPs.
I'm saying if we want to use the same technique for providing tiff.js/raw.js, keep the original binary file is a must-have feature IMO. It could be a follow-up bug for supporting additional file format.
Those formats are separate issues.

TIFF is a complex format. I don't know what subset of TIFF you'd want to support. It seems likely to me most TIFF usage could be converted to PNG or JPEG, no problem.

For RAW, I think you're probably right that we'd want to be able to save it locally and use a JS library to load it into specific apps. However, I suggest not worrying about until RAW support becomes important.
Bug 887164 landed a patch for using wbmp.js for decoding WBMP image in Gaia, we can now remove the WBMP code from Gecko.
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Remove WBMP support from gecko

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Great, thanks!
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Remove WBMP support from gecko

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This patch should be also checked in to b2g18 for syncing the capability between different release of Firefox OS, asking for triage.
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Needs a branch-specific patch for uplift.
patch for uplift
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