Support system messages for in-browser pages in the Firefox app.



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Webpages loaded in the browser in FxOS should be able to receive system messages so that they can use features like alarms and push notifications, without having to be an installed app. Somewhat like system messages for desktop.

This will require significant hacking on the browser iframe and in system messages, since system messages on FxOS will be delivered to the app which is the browser, so the browser will have to maintain its own table of 'sub-receivers' and act on behalf of them while still preserving origin permissions.

This is a 'nice-to-have' feature.
No longer depends on: 868322
Nested content-processes may simplify or affect the implementation of this, so adding a dependency.
Depends on: 761935
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No longer depends on: 755245
Blocks: 761935
No longer depends on: 761935

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4 years ago
As far as I was aware, the current situation is intentional - random web-pages shouldn't be able to use push notifications or set alarms, the potential for DoSing seems quite high.

Either way, adding productwanted to see what we think.
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4 years ago
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Whiteboard: productwanted
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