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Fix the GGC build failures caused by the landing of bug 880565


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I'm not sure if this is the best strategy, but it works for my local build. Yes, I do realize that's how we got into this mess in the first place. Better solutions more than welcome.
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Looks like I spoke too soon. It fixes the compilation error, but linking fails. Will look into it more on Monday morning.
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FWIW, I think inlines.h files are a menace and I'm all in favour of code being moved out of them into either .h or .cpp files (depending on the code's hotness) wherever possible.
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gc/Nursery.cpp depends on the following 3 inline methods with out-of-line definitions.

  - NewObjectCache::clearNurseryObjects
  - Allocator::reportAllocationOverflow
  - Allocator::onOutOfMemory

These used to be exposed through jsobjinlines.h, but aren't anymore. I've made these methods fully out-of-line: if any of these are hot, we have more serious problems.

A harder case is CanBeFinalizedInBackground (CBFIB). The use of CBFIB in gc/Nursery.cpp is not hot, but other users live right on the allocation path, so are hot by default. CBFIB depends on IsBackgroundFinalized in jsgc.h and Class in jsclass.h, so I moved it to jsgc.h from jsobjinlines.h. We have to add jsclass.h to jsgc.h's imports, but it only transitively pulls in things which are already transitively pulled into jsgc.h already.
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And the is<T> patches broke us too.
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The less code we have in inlines.h files, the better!
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