Saving two different passwords using the same username on the same website



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6 years ago
Ran into a situation on Facebook that will enable users to save two different passwords using the same username. The first screen (Home Page) will have an incorrect password saved and then the second page (Incorrect Password Page) will have the correct password saved. (using the same username)

Steps to reproduce the issue: (reproduced every single time using the following steps)

1) Open Firefox Metro
2) Go to and log in using an incorrect password
3) Save this incorrect password by selecting "Remember Password" in the "Password Info Bar"
4) Close Firefox Metro by sliding it to the bottom of the screen
5) Open Firefox Metro and go visit once again (Can select it from Top Sites)
6) Users information should already be filled out, select "Log In"
7) You will be re-directed to the "Incorrect Password" page
8) While on the "Incorrect Password" page, select the password field and insert the correct password
9) Log in using the correct password and select "Don't Change" in the "Password Info Bar"
10) You should be logged into your account without any issues
11) Repeat Step #4 - #6 (The saved information should still be the incorrect password)
12) Once you try to log in again, you will be taken to the "Incorrect Password" page
13) Insert your correct password and select "Log in"
14) You will receive a "Remember Password" under the "Password Info Bar" instead of "Change" (Select "Remember Password")
15) Close Firefox Metro

Now you will now have two passwords saved. If you re-open Firefox Metro and visit Facebook, the first log in from the home page will be using the incorrect password. When you log in from the "Incorrect Password" area, you will log in into facebook using the correct password.

Current Behavior:

- Saving two different passwords in the same user account for the same website (Facebook in this instance)

Expected Behavior:

- Should never ask you to "Remember Password" when you're using the same account, should always be displaying "Change". There shouldn't be two different passwords saved on one account.

Used the following build:
that may be considered 2 diff pages.  Did you try on Desktop Firefox?

Comment 2

6 years ago
The only reason that I think it's not considered two different pages is that when you log in with the correct password the first time, you receive "Change" under the "Password Info Bar". If you select it, it will change the incorrect password and BOTH pages will be using the same password.

So you have a situation where you will be asked to "Change" once and then "Save Password" the second time around.

Brian, reproduced the same issue with Firefox Nightly. The first time around it asked me to "Update" the password, the second time around it asked me to "Remember Password"

I personally think that it should be asking you to "Change" (Firefox Metro) or "Update" (Nightly) every single time like it does the first time around.
OK good point, marking as P4 since we're currently living with this on Desktop Firefox.
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