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Allow deletion of news posts by default (with a prompt!)


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Thunderbird 24.0


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Thanks to jcranmer, we've had the ability to delete the local copies of news posts for some time. However, it's been locked behind a hidden pref. Now that we have a confirmation prompt when shift-deleting messages, we can expand that logic a bit to account for deleting news posts as well.

This means that, with the exception of "Junk", the buttons in the message header for news actually match those for mail!
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Whoops, I accidentally posted an interdiff instead of the proper diff!
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Just a note: this doesn't actually *require* any l10n changes (in fact, I'm not sure we even want the string I added), so we could theoretically land this during aurora.
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Proper patch

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I don't think there's much of a difference to having the separate string for the "post" versus "message", considering that we don't use a lot of "post" terminology in mailnews.

Also, next time, please try to remember to use -p when making patches. :-)
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This removes the new string (but renames the old shift-delete one since the context changed). I'm posting this here instead of just pushing because the Seamonkey tree is closed.
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