Some websites have incorrect horizontal size on portrait-display monitor. Wrong resolution reported.




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Steps to reproduce:

Configure a 1280x1024 monitor on an "original Intel" Mac Mini upgraded to OS 10.6, with the digital video cable used, not the VGA adapter, and in "portrait" mode so it can be set on its side, giving a 1024x1280 display.

Go to a number of different websites and be annoyed by the need to scroll horizontally, even though 1024 is plenty of horizontal resolution.

Actual results:

A small amount of horizontal scrolling is needed on many websites. is one example where this issue just came up. 

Expected results:

Expected result would be to not have to scroll horizontally. Ever. That's a real pain in the rear end for reading anything! 

An option should be available in configuration, perhaps in about:config, to limit reported vertical resolution to the same as, or smaller than, the horizontal resolution. If left on, this may cause some websites to assume a monitor is only 1024x1024, but this is far less damaging to usability than a website that assumes a too-high horizontal resolution and then forces scrollbars.

The prevalence of this problem is expected to get worse as mobile devices with screen zooming become more and more popular; as its often reasonable to expect mobile device readers to just zoom out a little - I do that all the time on a phone.


6 years ago
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Keywords: ux-error-prevention, ux-error-recovery


6 years ago
Severity: minor → normal
Keywords: ux-error-prevention, ux-error-recovery

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6 years ago
Did it use to work normally with old versions of Firefox?
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Reporter, please feel free to reopen it if you are still having this issue on the latest Firefox version.  Thank you for your time.
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