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svg stroke-dasharray in osx does not render path with zero length fragment


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Steps to reproduce:

Open the attached svg file in firefox. OSX 10.8.4 FF 21.0

Actual results:

Vertical line fails to render.

Expected results:

Vertical line should render.

On the path element there's a stroke-dasharray attribute with a value of '23,0'. This should be valid (should just draw a line) but the zero value for skip appears to causing the path to fail to render.
I see the line with FF21 on Win 7:
Maybe it's specific to OSX.

Did it use to work in previous versions of FF?
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It is specific to more recent versions of OSX, though this may be due to different GPU settings if the SVG rendering is going through the hardware pipeline. 

I'm also seeing this in Safari but not Chrome or Opera. I've attached a report from about:support. Let me know if you need any other info.
Did you test with a fresh profile? (even if I think it's likely not the reason)
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I still see the same result, which isn't surprising since we've seen some reports from customers for our SVG export. You'll likely be able to repro this on a Macbook Air.
I am somewhat confused in that the a.svg testcase has a stroke-dasharray='1,0' and yet comment 0 says the problem is with stroke-dasharray='23,0' Which one is the problem or is it either?

Given a non-working testcase, if you change nothing other than remove the stroke-dasharray attribute it displays right?

I can't see any issue but I'm on Windows so that's perhaps not so surprising.
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To clarify, you can trigger this issue with any value greater than zero followed by a zero length fragment.

stroke-dasharray="x,0" where x is > 0. 

And yes, if you remove the attribute the path draws correctly. The path also draws correctly for me when stroke-dasharray="0". So this is a pretty corner case issue, but I wanted to report this one.  

I've already filed a bug on our side for Gliffy.
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If the sum of the values is zero, then the stroke is rendered as if a value of none were specified

So that's why stroke-dasharray="0" works.
Verified on OS X.  I guess this is a problem with Quartz.  The documentation for CGContextSetLineDash doesn't say anything about not handling particular dash arrays.

I tested with stroke-dasharray="10,10,10,0" and that renders OK.  So I guess it is just a problem when the gaps all add up to 0.
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Can't we do this at a lower level i.e. when we render the line in Quartz in the platform code?
Yeah, we could do this as a Cairo patch instead.
I think that would be better.
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patch v2

and r?longsonr for the SVG test.
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b2g, unwilling to let anyone do a worse job of rendering than it, also failed.
And bringing up the rear, Android.
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