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Consider unforking sessionstore.js


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We currently have a number implementations of Session Restore:
[1] Firefox Desktop's
[2] Fennec's
[3] Metro's.

As far as I understand, Metro's version of sessionstore.js is a fork of old Fennec's, which I seem to remember is a small subset of Desktop's. Now, we are heavily working on Desktop's to fight jank, improve I/O efficiency and, progressively, to make this e10s-friendly.

I suggest that Metro should consider adopting either Desktop's or Fennec's implementation of session restore.
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Is this bug valid any longer? I suspect Android will stick to its session restore implementation …
We indeed started to share some of the sessionstore modules between Desktop and Android. There's a bug about b2g doing the same. This bug is specifically about Metro so I'm not sure if we shouldn't close it, we don't work on Firefox for Metro anymore.
Yeah I thought so. Closing this bug for now. Feel free to reopen!
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