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Steps to reproduce:

I've been asked to post this suggestion here so the developers will see it.

To reproduce:

1. Open some tabs.
2. Shutdown computer or close Firefox.
3. Startup computer or open Firefox.

Actual results:

Depending on option selected in Tools>Options>Tabs, either:

1. The page in the current tab is reloaded from the Internet, and other tabs are reloaded from the Internet when they are first selected.


2. All pages in all tabs in all tab groups are reloaded from the Internet.

Either option provides a substantial and unnecessary real time delay.

Expected results:

FIrefox currently provides two options during startup: to reload all tabs in all tab groups, or to reload only the current tab (and deferring the reload of all the other tabs until the first time each is chosen for viewing).

In both cases "reload" means a complete or partial read (I'm not sure which) from the webserver of each tab, ignoring the cache.

But, almost always, the complete page content and detailed state of all tabs in all tab groups are already contained in the profile (right?), so the entire reload process, which can take several seconds up to a minute FOR EACH TAB, is actually unnecessary.

My question is whether there is an about:config option to reload all tabs in all groups from the profile and the cache, which are both stored in local files, in order to restore their previous content, instead of reading anything from the Internet at all.

This would make Firefox start MUCH more quickly, and so would provide benefit to untold thousands of people.

If there is no such about:config option, can the developers be asked to add this feature to the Tools>Options>Tabs dialog box, please?

Not only I, but everyone who leaves tabs open for days or weeks at a time, across system shutdowns, will thank you.

David Spector
Springtime Software
Severity: normal → enhancement
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Component: Untriaged → Session Restore
Alias: iNerd
Ever confirmed: true
Ugh, how did that happen ^
Alias: iNerd

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