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Gaia homescreen is not loading in firefox nightly


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Appears a recent gaia commit has broken the homescreen from loading within gaia.

Bisecting I found this as the breaking commit:

01649f946f087dcc1fa791659ad7eb50db4d9cb3 is the first bad commit
commit 01649f946f087dcc1fa791659ad7eb50db4d9cb3
Author: Edgar Chen <>
Date:   Sun Jun 30 10:38:22 2013 +0800

    Bug 874769 - Use IccHelper to access card state. r=salva,etienne,arcturus,alive,arthurcc

:040000 040000 8cf37180b49cfb10186ef5698092df2820ae2a8f 83caa3b2b10700b2df6f293feeabcbcf9a945137 M	apps
:040000 040000 8d161bd64531548eb7100699561e479b23bd919f 26605dac1456e2dbd56b9b7c1df2b18521844afc M	shared
Assignee: nobody → kgrandon
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Etienne, Edgar - could one of you briefly review this simple change? Thanks!
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Arthur is more suitable than me to review this. :)
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Kevin, thanks for the patch. Please check my comment in github.
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Arthur - Responded to github, let me know if you have any other concerns. We really need to land something for this asap as it's breaking workflow for a lot of developers.

I think we can land the simple fix, then investigate using a more full-fledged mock for a followup.
Let's do the simple fix. However, please make sure `IccHelpler.enabled` still works. It should return false if mozIccManager is undefined.
I am not sure is it a mockMobileConnection for desktop in tools/extensions/desktop-helper/content/data/lib/mobile_connection.js [1]. If so, maybe we could add a mockIccManager there.

:kgrandon, could you help to try does this patch fix the issue? Thank in advance.
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Edgar, thanks for the information!
Kevin, I tried to mock mozIccManager as expected. Then we can avoid the hack in IccHelper. Any comments?
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link to

This looks great! Thank you for knocking this out.
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This has landed in master:
Closed: 6 years ago
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