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[B2G][Email] The contacts list cannot by displayed in full view after the keyboard has been invoked


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: Gaia::Contacts, defect)

Gonk (Firefox OS)
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(blocking-b2g:leo+, b2g18 verified, b2g18-v1.0.0 wontfix, b2g18-v1.0.1 wontfix, b2g-v1.1hd fixed)

1.1 QE4 (15jul)
blocking-b2g leo+
Tracking Status
b2g18 --- verified
b2g18-v1.0.0 --- wontfix
b2g18-v1.0.1 --- wontfix
b2g-v1.1hd --- fixed


(Reporter: nkot, Assigned: rexboy)



(Whiteboard: [LeoVB+])


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Attached image screenshot
When the user is attempting to add "cc" or "bcc" contact from the contacts list after the keyboard has been invoked (typing in the subject or email body), the contacts list is displayed partially, lower half of the screen is white out

have contacts list available on the test device

Repro Steps:
1) Updated to Leo Build ID: 20130708070214
2) Open Email app
3) Select to create a new message
4) Type in the subject line 
5) Add "bcc" recipient from the contacts list ("+")
6) Scroll down the contacts list

 Lower part of the screen is white out, contacts list displays only at the top

 Contacts list opens up in full view

Environmental Variables
Gaia: 7c40bdaeaffae708342fc773926dcfac5389348e
Platform Version: 18.1

Repro frequency: 100%
See attached screenshot
Attached file logcat
The contacts list is provided by the contacts app, triggered via webactivity.  This seems like a contacts regression or system regression interfering with contacts.
Component: Gaia::E-Mail → Gaia::Contacts
I just tried with a recent gaia master and gaia v1-train using a mozilla-central gecko build.  The problem did not reproduce in either case.

I'm building a b2g18 image to see if that triggers the issue.
I was able to reproduce by flashing b2g18 gecko.

It seems like there is a compositing issue or something going on.  I am also getting weird flashing in settings app, scrolling the contacts list, etc.
My apologies.  This does appear to be a v1-train gaia issue.  I had forgotten to update my local tracking branch.
Bisecting shows that this was introduced by:

Rex, any thoughts on what is happening here?
Flags: needinfo?(rexboy)
blocking-b2g: --- → leo?
Assignee: nobody → rexboy
blocking-b2g: leo? → leo+
Severity: normal → critical
Target Milestone: --- → 1.1 QE4 (15jul)
Seems the newly added |appWindow.resize()| failed on calculating window size of inline activities.. Investigating.
Flags: needinfo?(rexboy)
Attached file v1-train patch
Seems like a regression that I didn't discover in bug 877903..

I can reproduce it only in v1-train, but seems the code in master is just kind of "lucky hit" which is not using the correct way, so I'll patch both side.

Alive, would you help reviewing this?
Thanks a lot!
Attachment #773130 - Flags: review?(alive)
Attached file master patch
Attachment #773133 - Flags: review?(alive)
Comment on attachment 773130 [details]
v1-train patch

There'd be chances to publish an instance event from app window so please consider to create a publish function, see the url for reference. You don't need to borrow all codes from my branch.
Attachment #773130 - Flags: review?(alive) → review+
Attachment #773133 - Flags: review?(alive) → review+
Varified fix on leo 1.1 Mozilla RIL
Environmental Variables
Build ID: 20130716070204
Gaia: fb9362d34260771d4a00b9a0e10a6bbad397bd3b
Platform Version: 18.1
RIL Version: 

The user is able to see  Contacts list up in full view.
Whiteboard: [LeoVB+]
v1.1.0hd: b2cb483bd6f89a7bdd4c47df256bea003bebcfba
v1.1.0hd: 5ec8152a93acdad6319fd09446c99c1324bb059f
Duplicate of this bug: 897324
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