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Let the lines from land in chrome.manifest in the same order as they are in


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During build the lines in beginning with a % are written into the chrome.manifest. But unfortunately they are written in a random order.

For a unified XPI (one XPI for all platforms) of Lightning I need a fixed order of the skin assigning lines to give also non-main platforms the right skin directory.

The lines from

% skin lightning classic/1.0 chrome/skin/linux/lightning/
% skin lightning classic/1.0 chrome/skin/osx/lightning/ os=Darwin
% skin lightning classic/1.0 chrome/skin/windows/lightning/ os=WINNT

are needed to be in this order but it happens often the first line lands as the last. This then breaks the themes for OS X and Windows.

I see no disadvantage for other lines in when they are written in the original order.
Mike gave me over IRC this patch but unfortunately it didn't work.
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