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Defect - Expose direct access to sync logs


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Windows 8.1
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For debugging purposes, we should make it possible to view sync logs.  One option is to have a pref that, when enabled, adds a panel to the error console that contains the contents of the sync logs.
Note that log4moz is pretty configurable. You might be able to lead the way here by addressing some of the unified logging thoughts that bounce around. Alternatively, you could go quick-and-dirty by logging all of Sync's logs to the console at some level (a pref already exists for that).

Sync's historical logs -- about:sync-log -- are a view on text files in a folder, so there are straightforward options there, too.
about:sync-log currently works.
Ally, is 'about:sync-log' sufficient or did you want additional debug information to be available?
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Linking to about:sync-log is a fine way to start. It will be much easier to direct users to upload logs. Afterall, about:sync-log is not discoverable

Jim, I know it may sound silly, but I also thought the 'copy to clipboard' button in about:support was silly(copy the screen and paste, how hard is that?) and wouldn't make a material difference in the number of reports.

Then SUMO made me eat my hat with the (jawdropping) improvement numbers. If we get even a sliver of that, it'll be very helpful with sync.

This is certainly a nice to have feature, but I think it will help out our dogfooders & bug reporters.
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Summary: Expose direct access to sync logs → Defect - Expose direct access to sync logs
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