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Dubious example code in mfbt/Move.h


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> One hint: if you're writing a move constructor where the type has members
> that should be moved themselves, it's much nicer to write this:
>   C(MoveRef<C> c) : x(c->x), y(c->y) { }
> than the equivalent:
>   C(MoveRef<C> c) { new(&x) X(c->x); new(&y) Y(c->y); }
> especially since GNU C++ fails to notice that this does indeed initialize x
> and y, which may matter if they're const.

Shouldn't the first line of code say

>   C(MoveRef<C> c) : x(Move(c->x)), y(Move(c->y)) { }


I'll write a patch, but wanted to make sure I was not going crazy...
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It might, somewhat, depend.  If initializing all the members that way results in the incoming MoveRef<T>'s object being in a destructible state, then things are good.  The other possibility is that MoveRef-constructing all the members, leaves the incoming object in an inconsistent state, that needs to be cleaned up in the constructor body.

Which is perhaps a longer way of saying the comment is not quite wrong, but not quite right.  I think.  I'm pretty sure it needs adjustment, but just smacking Move() around the member initializer expressions isn't really a correct fix.
Oh, Move moved (har) into mfbt a day or two ago so that Vector can move there too (bug 891177), so moving this bug over there.

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Ah, I think I see what you're saying.

So the comment really should say something entirely different, indicating this gotcha.
Comment 0 is right.  Move'ing the members should leave the members in a destructible state (by contract) and since the containing object will only be destroyed (again, by contract), this 

>   C(MoveRef<C> c) : x(Move(c->x)), y(Move(c->y)) { }

should be fine and indeed this is just the explicit form of what a C++11 compiler will generate for you with rvalue references.
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Summary: Dubious comment in Utility.h wrt MoveRef → Dubious example code in mfbt/Move.h
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Whoa, spacetime is weakly ordered ;)
Oh, lol; I saw your r+ in bug 893281 and pushed this one instead!
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