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When I export my bookmarks, their date created isn't preserved and after importing they aren't in the right order.


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Steps to reproduce:

Make a bunch of bookmarks over the past few years. Export my bookmarks to HTML file using the backup/export feature built into firefox.

Actual results:

After importing the bookmarks back into any browser and then organize the bookmarks by date created, they are all completely out of order and the date shows the day when I exported them rather than the day the bookmark was created. A few bookmarks were in the correct order but the majority all had the day set on them when I exported my bookmarks. Now I am pretty screwed.

Expected results:

Upon exporting my bookmarks they should have had their original date created dates preserved in the HTML backup. That way when you import the bookmarks back into a browser (including firefox) they would all be in the correct order so you can sort your bookmarks.
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Product: Firefox → Toolkit
I'm not sure how this may happen, but unless you found the wrong dates in the html file, it's likely a bug in whatever browser you used to import, we do store the ADD_DATE value in bookmarks.html according to the spec for that format.
Closed: 7 years ago
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