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I swear I typed out this bug description once before, but I don't see it...

Before bug 868700, it was fairly easy to leak structured clone buffers. In the Broadway.js h264 decoder demo, this would give me >90% unclassified-heap bytes. Worse, those bytes would be stored in char*/size_t field pairs, not any sort of structured type.

Bug 868700 keeps the data always in a JSAutoStructuredCloneBuffer, which makes the memory easier to find and also fixes the leak. But it's still be possible to construct structured clones and never deserialize them. Also, if you have postMessages going at a high rate between the main thread and worker threads, you can accumulate quite a few clone buffers. I don't know if it's worth creating a memory reporter for these hypothetical cases.
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Where do these buffers end up being held?


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