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Screenshot of problem

Some pages with plugins are only drawing the upper-left part of the plugin.

Screenshot attached for (embedded YouTube) The video plays properly on

Sometimes the rest of the video will be draw, scrolling the page makes it randomly appear/disappear. (Upon trying again, it's now doing that only when scrolling, but that wasn't what I remember seeing earlier.)

I also see this on videos at is fine, though.

This seems to be a recent regression (last few days) on Nightly. I'm on a Retina (hidpi) MBP.
I've noticed that today as well. Adobe seems to have released an update for Flash Player yesterday. You may have been updated silently. I've confirmed that I have version 11.8.800.120 now. Looking at the release notes[1], this 'fixed' bug seems related to what we're seeing:
>StageWebView.drawViewPortToBitmapData draws incorrect bitmap on retina

11.8.800.94 seems to be the most recent released Flash Player for OS X.
It works fine for me on my non-retina Mac.

Hm, the Apple dev center is still down - can a Retina user please check if that was regressed in Flash or Firefox?
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Does QA have Mac Retina devices to check on?
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I can't reproduce this bug at, testing with today's mozilla-central nightly on a Retina MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7.5.

Any other examples?  Any special steps?

I tested with the latest Flash release (installed today), which is 11.8.800.94.
(In reply to Georg Fritzsche [:gfritzsche] from comment #3)
> Does QA have Mac Retina devices to check on?
I don't have. Anthony ?
Matt, can you please see if you can reproduce this issue?
QA Contact: mwobensmith
I can reproduce this on a Mac Retina, but it does not appear to be a problem in the latest m-c nightly.

I tried three builds:
2013-06-26 good
2013-07-17 bad
2013-08-01 good

If someone really needs a regression range, I can help, but it would likely be after the release next week.
If this has ceased to become an issue on Nightly then I suggest we just resolve this WORKSFORME. Dolske, spohl, is this still an issue for you in the latest Nightly?
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When this first started happening, I've found that it is fairly intermittent. I couldn't reproduce with the latest nightly however.
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Thanks Georg, I think we should call this WORKSFORME until such time that we have more concrete evidence of a bug.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

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4 years ago
(Current breakage seems to be covered by bug 907792)
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