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[mozprocess] mozprocess behaves incorrectly when stdout is redirected


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Steps to reproduce:

If stdout is redirected, the process immediately closes on Linux (On windows, an exception is raised in the processOutput thread). processOutput() depends on stdout being a pipe.
I'm moving jetpack to the latest mozbase (bug 897370) and encountered the above because jetpack redirects stdout and stderr. I've reworked the logic to fix this bug, and have added test cases for all of the bugs I found. The tests pass on win7 and Debian.

Full details are in the commit message.
Note that this patch is built on top of the two other patches I've submitted: 892917 and 892902.
Blocks: 881421
Blocks: 897370
Summary: mozprocess behaves incorrectly when stdout is redirected → [mozprocess] mozprocess behaves incorrectly when stdout is redirected
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Sorry this got lost in the ether. There have been a lot of mozprocess changes since this bug (recently bug 794984 just landed that re-writes most of the code this patch is touching) so this may have been fixed as a side effect. Can someone confirm if this is still happening, and if so provide more explicit STR?
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