Some ecma_3/String/ test cases fail




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5 years ago
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5 years ago
I ran this against 2268ff80683a which is about 1 week old. 
Please take a look at the output, some test cases are marked FAILED. I haven't gone through all of them yet, but quite a few look like typo.

e.g. test case 24, the expected is yyy0 but we assigned index to be 1, thus the test case fail.

Before I make a patch to fix these test cases, can someone confirm they are not intend to fail?
Looking only at the `lastIndex`-related tests, those should definitely fail right now. My guess is that the entire test is disabled because we know that we don't pass all those tests.

Waldo, is that correct? If so, shouldn't we either move the passing tests to another non-skipped, file? Or, maybe better, change the failing tests to pass but change their descriptions to make them canaries that fail once our behavior is correct?
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5 years ago
Huh, we have tests marked unconditionally as failing, without any explanation?  Bleh.  I'd say just remove all such tests, honestly.  We have plenty of tests, and if we're not actually checking these tests' results, we're unlikely to gain anything from them.  (Other than knowledge that what they're doing won't crash us, but that's so scattershot it hardly seems worth having, without other independent value.)  Does that seem reasonable to you?
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4 years ago
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