Media files in smaller sizes when received via bluetooth from Mac book Pro doesn't show up in Music, Gallery and Video Apps

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6 years ago
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(Reporter: pdahiya, Assigned: echou)


1.1 QE5

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6 years ago
1. connect unagi device to mac book pro via bluetooth
2. launch gallery app
3. from mac book, transfer photo of size 6 KB (see attached image) via bluetooth
4. on the unagi device, accept the transfer
5. View the gallery app for the newly added photo.

Expected: Image is added
Actual: Image is not added.

Small size media (music, photo, video) files < 25 KB (approx.) when received via Bluetooth doesn't trigger change notification inside Gecko.

As a result if the respective app (Music, Gallery, Video) is open in background, the file doesn't show in the app. Only closing and reopening respective app triggers scan, and shows the file.

Media files in bigger sizes successfully triggers change notification for music, video and photos and if the app is open in background, the file shows up in the app immediately.


m-c Gecko - d40bd3626f5c50dc141128bac2877036c9b897b5
Gaia master - adc94dd96cc417f2c3961b0176c2f2b2d96b9abe
BuildId - 20130724123036
Device - Unagi

Macbook OS Version - 10.8.4
Model - MacBook Pro 2011
I worked with Punam trying to reproduce this and everything works perfectly when transferring from my linux host.

I even sent Punam one of my development images (for unagi) and the problem (BluetoothOppManager::NotifyAboutFileChange wasn't called) only manifested on her Mac. When the same small file was sent from my linux machine, BluetoothOppManager::NotifyAboutFileChange was called.
I'm going to change this to general, since my gut tells me this is a gecko problem and not a gaia problem.

Just in case its relevant, adb shell cat /proc/version reports (for both my phone and Punam's phone):
Linux version 3.0.8-perf (songsy@ubuntu-cdr) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1 PREEMPT Wed Dec 5 04:47:49 PST 2012
Component: Gaia::Bluetooth File Transfer → General

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6 years ago
This is so weird. Let me take a look.


6 years ago
Component: General → Bluetooth

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6 years ago
Hi Punam, Dave,

This is a Gecko Bluetooth bug, I'll take it. Thanks for reporting this.
Assignee: nobody → echou

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6 years ago
I can reproduce this issue on Mac Air. This is because Mac Air wraps the photo in one packet, and BluetoothOppManager does not send notification in this case.
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patch 1: v1: Notify file change after receiving an one-packet-size file

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Looks great. r=me.
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Closed: 6 years ago
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6 years ago
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Triage - partners will take this as leo+

Attached example seems to be a common image size that can be downloaded from the internet.
blocking-b2g: leo? → leo+
Target Milestone: --- → 1.1 QE5
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