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D2D initialization delays first paint by hundreds of milliseconds


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I was measuring startup times for bug 890336, and I noticed that D2D initialization prolongs Nightly 25 startup time by almost 500ms. Cold startups are delayed by almost a full second. In particular, the time from creating the top level window to first paint is most affected.

Startup times with D2D disabled (driver blacklisted):

Startup times with D2D force-enabled:

Note: The "stock" build in the above documents is Nightly 25 from July 9th. The "patched" build is a modified version from bug 890336 and is not relevant to this bug.

The test machine is Jeff Muizelaar's "aquaman" laptop: AMD C-50 processor dual-core @ 1GHz, 2GB RAM shared with Radeon HD 6250M video card, 64-bit Windows 7.
Have these numbers changed recently at all?  Did D2D1.1 make a difference?
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