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Pasting selection in text area takes a while in Acer Iconia W3


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Windows 8.1
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Tested on 2013-08-02 using I noticed that pasting large selections made the text disappear in the text area, but eventually the text reappears. It just takes a while. This could be hardware dependent, because I haven't seen this in other hardware.

1. On Acer Iconia W3, open Firefox Metro
2. Go to
3. Long-tap on one of the text areas and "Select all"
4. Tap on the other text area, and long tap to Paste

Expected: Text is pasted without delay.

Actual: All text in the text area disappears temporarily, and a few seconds later it appears.
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Component: General → Selection
OS: Mac OS X → Windows 8 Metro
Product: Firefox for Metro → Core
Priority: -- → P3
Tested on 2013-08-06 with the latest nightly.

This happens only in Metro Firefox. In desktop nightly the text is pasted instantly.
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Summary: defect - pasting selection in text area takes a while in Acer Iconia W3 → Pasting selection in text area takes a while in Acer Iconia W3
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Component: Selection → Input
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