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[fig] Correct about:home back-button/swipe UX


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The proposed behavior (as determined on IRC, hopefully correctly :P) is in the attached flow chart.
Please confirm the flowchart matches your expectations of behavior.

Sorry for the ghetto camera version - I have no idea how to troubleshoot scanner network connectivity problems. :P
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Attached image Proposed UX flowchart
(Correct rotation)
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This matches my expectations, Michael. Thanks!
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Micheal, is this something you're actively working on right now? It would be great to land this tweak before our test day next friday, if possible.
I was caught up with another patch but will now be focusing on this full time until it lands.
Unfortunately, this UX feels unintuitive in practice. It is fine from the about:home page, however, it feels strange when entering from another site. Example:

1) Click URL bar, awesomescreen opens
2) Swipe around or hit back, the awesomescreen remains open but the URL bar closes

1) How do you get back to the page you were on? I presume the back button, but it feels like about:home should be the current page since the URL bar shrunk, so it's not intuitive.
2) Click the tab bar. Does the current tab show about:home or your actual current tab?

If it helps, I can also draw another flow chart, but including the interaction from any page.

I also have an apk available [1], but it isn't complete. Swiping will dismiss editing mode entirely, shrinking the URL bar and taking you to the current page, rather than just shrinking the URL bar. It may help you get an idea of the interaction however, as tapping the URL bar from about:home works correctly and tapping it from a website crashes and burns.

I think the best solutions are that we either leave it the way it is on Figgy Nightly, or make back immediately dismiss the keyboard, shorten the url bar, and bring you back to the current page (as opposed to just dismissing the keyboard, as it is in Nightly). Swiping will remain as in Nightly (just dismisses the keyboard).

The one issue with the latter comes from inexperienced users who attempt to use back to *just* dismiss the keyboard (as it is on Nightly), rather than to go all the way back to the current tab. If we can change the back button on ICS+ devices from the down arrow it usually is to the back arrow, this would could be helpful (although, I'm not sure if this is possible).

Note that the patch isn't yet complete so perform the interactions without actually typing in the url bar, or you'll get strange behavior (sorry!).

Side note: Swiping on the search engines page needs to be fixed in either case.
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What's the issue in the current behaviour that this bug is trying to fix?
Michael, I agree with you -- what seemed like a good idea on paper actually adds confusion in practice. I think we got the interaction more right with what currently exists in Figgy Fennec.

Thanks for exploring this alternate approach, though :)
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(In reply to Lucas Rocha (:lucasr) from comment #7)
> What's the issue in the current behaviour that this bug is trying to fix?

Hitting the back button twice to exit could seem a bit unintuitive.

In particular, on the actual about:home page (rather than just clicking the URL bar), it's a bit strange that hitting back the second time only shortens the URL bar, when that could have happened the first time back was hit without any loss to functionality (and the gain that the settings and tab bar are accessible).

However, as per comment 6, this experience is unintuitive from the current URL page since this second back takes you back to the current tab, rather than "about:home".
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