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Write mozharness script for gaia integration tests


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We're getting close to the point where we can start writing a mozharness script for invoking gaia-integration-tests in buildbot.
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Hi Aki!

Thanks for all of your help. This patch adds a new mozharness script to run |MOCHA_REPORTER=mocha-tbpl-reporter| in the gaia directory and then publish the results to TBPL. Would you mind taking a look? I'd also like to know how I can push this to a staging-type environment to make sure that it works like I expect for it to. Do you all usually run these locally? There weren't any tests to exercise the old, so I'm a bit confused.
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Hi James,

In addition to the patch I sent to Aki, I needed a tiny bit of plumbing to help the Makefile propagate choosing the mocha-tbpl-reporter over the dot reporter for our marionette tests.
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Pull request to Gaia

wait for the build to go green then land :D
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Patch for bug 902124

I think this is overall good.

However, I don't think we should be importing anything from scripts/.
Can you move scripts/ to mozharness/mozilla/testing/ ?
Then the +sys.path.insert(1, os.path.dirname(sys.path[0])) line will need to change (three layers of os.path.dirname()) and the |+from scripts.gaia import GaiaTest| line will need to change to |from mozharness.mozilla.testing.gaia import GaiaTest|.

Other than that this looks good.  Thanks!
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Sure I'll make those changes... thanks Aki!
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Aki! Please check this in for me!
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Updated patch to mozharness

Checked in, minus the .hgtags changes.
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in production
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