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Add pastebin to mach tools


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A cli interface to is a useful tool to have and saves the hassle of copying errors/logs/outputs/code from various places into pastebin.m.o

need to add a pastebin tool to mach that can be used by calling "mach pastebin" from the cli. It would also be super useful if it can be run as a standalone script.

It can be similar to something like fpaste []

Attaching a first draft of the script. It works stand-alone only at the moment and needs to be integrated with the rest of the mach tools that reside in
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Nice. You should be able to toss this somewhere in /tools and hook it up with the /tools/
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For reference, I use catlee's script for this:
Attached patch adds pastebin to mach (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I've added pastebin to mach tools. Please take a look and tell me if everything is in order. Any feedback/critique is more than welcome. :)
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adds pastebin to mach

Review of attachment 816694 [details] [diff] [review]:

This looks good to me!  Passing it on to gps for review.

::: tools/
@@ +223,5 @@
> +        { 'value': 'bash', 'name': 'Bash', 'extension': 'sh' },
> +        { 'value': 'c', 'name': 'C', 'extension': 'c' },
> +        { 'value': 'cpp', 'name': 'C++', 'extension': 'cpp' },
> +        { 'value': 'html4strict', 'name': 'HTML', 'extension': 'html' },
> +        { 'value': 'javascript', 'name': 'Javascript', 'extension': 'js' },

It would be useful to add some additional extensions for some of these, for example .jsm -> JavaScript and .xul -> XML.  But I guess using `file` is the right way to handle this in the long run.
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adds pastebin to mach

Review of attachment 816694 [details] [diff] [review]:


::: tools/
@@ +233,5 @@
> +        { 'value': 'css', 'name': 'CSS', 'extension': 'css' },
> +        { 'value': 'diff', 'name': 'Diff', 'extension': 'diff' },
> +        { 'value': 'ini', 'name': 'INI file', 'extension': 'ini' },
> +        { 'value': 'java', 'name': 'Java', 'extension': 'java' },
> +        { 'value': 'xml', 'name': 'XML', 'extension': 'xml' }]

Nit: cuddle braces.

@@ +246,5 @@
> +                # Guess File-type based on file extension
> +                extension = file.split('.')[-1]
> +                for l in FILE_TYPES:
> +                    if extension == l['extension']:
> +                        print "Identified file as", l['name']

Nit: Use Python 3 compatible print() function, not statement.
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Fixes nits pointed out by both mbrubeck and gps.

mbrubeck, the reason I haven't used file yet is,
(1) It may not always be installed on all *nix distributions (though most new distributions always have it),
(2) Windows doesn't have `file` or a `file`-like mime-type detection utility.

gps, I'm carrying over the r+ but please feel free to change if the new patch has any sort of errors. Thanks!
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