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Internet Explorer 11 receives multipart/x-mixed-replace content from buglist.cgi


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User Agent: HTML5

Steps to reproduce:

I clicked the Search tab on this Bugzilla, selected "all" and entered "internet explorer" to the search field, then pressed enter to search this Bugzilla for all bugs related to Internet Explorer 11.

Actual results:

Bugzilla sent the results back to IE11, which offered to save it to a file named buglist. Examining the HTTP traffic shows that Bugzilla was using multipart/x-mixed-replace as a Content-Type, which isn't part of HTML5 and doesn't appear to be standardized anywhere at all.

Expected results:

Bugzilla should have sent the results back using regular HTML5. If asynchronously loaded results are needed for better user experience Bugzilla should have used Server-Sent Events with AJAX fallback for browsers where S-SE are not available.

Using F12 Developer Tools to use a custom user-agent like "HTML5" instead of the default "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko" and everything else being the same leads to the search working correctly.
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Bugzilla uses HTML 4.01 Transitional, not HTML5, and so doesn't use Server-Sent Events which is part of HTML5. And per, Internet Explorer doesn't support this technology anyway.

IE11 gets multipart/x-mixed-replace because its UserAgent string doesn't follow older versions of IE, i.e. both "MSIE" and "compatible" are gone. This breaks our detection of the browser.
Also note that if IE11 UserAgent string contains "like Gecko", then IE11 should work like Gecko, i.e. support the server-push technology. As suggested on, we should look for "Trident" to detect IE.
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Trident is present in the UserAgent string since IE8.
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We were just discussing this on IRC, the reasoning for putting this on the 4.2 and 4.0 branches also is because these branches will still be supported when IE11 releases, and major browser compatibility issues are a big deal.
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Use for testing Bugzilla instead!
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Some bmo admin please delete this attachment.
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mistaken upload
I am also seeing this issue still on v4.4
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(In reply to admin from comment #12)
> I am also seeing this issue still on v4.4

please file a new bug if you think this issue has not been fixed.  make sure you include both the bugzilla and IE versions.
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