Opening the findbar shifts the page content downwards on pages without scroll-bars

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5 years ago
5 years ago


(Reporter: alice0775, Assigned: mikedeboer)


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5 years ago
Bug 893446 did not fix

Steps To Reproduce:
1. Open
2. Open Findbar

Actual Results:
Page move downward

Expected Results:
Should not


5 years ago
Summary: Page move downward when Findbar open → Opening the findbar shifts the page content downwards on pages without scroll-bars
Yes :(

I don't know what to do here, except redesigning the findbar completely to work like in Chrome.

Comment 2

5 years ago
I commented on this issue in bug 893446 comment 92:
> In the case of short pages, we could fix the min-height of the page to the
> height of the viewport. That way, the extra whitespace would be part of the
> page, and all of that could be scrolled up as the find bar comes down. In
> other words, if the page is too short make it taller. This is, admittedly,
> kind of a hack, though it might be preferable to having any cases where the
> page shifts. As a side note, let me point out that, with short pages, you’re
> somewhat less likely to run a find, since you can see the entire page all at
> once.

I checked this on Nightly, and modifying the min-height and overflow properties for the page when the find bar appears actually seems to work. I added this to the page:

    html { min-height: calc(100% + 38px); overflow: hidden; }

(38px is the height of the find bar on Ubuntu.) I tried this on, and found no user-visible issues or weirdness. This worked on the page in comment 0 as well.

The way I did it is indeed quite hacky, but the basic idea seems promising, so perhaps a real solution can be implemented.
Also fixed by bug 914180, right?

Comment 4

5 years ago
(In reply to :Gavin Sharp (use for email) from comment #3)
> Also fixed by bug 914180, right?

Yes, it was. Thanks for tracking this! I'm closing this as FIXED, but please change the flag if another resolution seems more appropriate.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 27
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