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Scoped styles are not obeying CSS specificity rules


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a scoped style underneath the body tag
2. Create a rule with low specificity (e.g. just a class selector) within the scoped stylesheet.
3. Create a stylesheet in the head of the document with a higher specificity CSS rule (e.g. ID), overriding the property set on the scoped style.

A working example of the bug can be found at:

Actual results:

The lower specificity CSS rule was applied.

Expected results:

The higher specificity CSS rule should be applied to the element as per the W3 specification (which does not state that scoped rules should take precedence over non-scoped rules).
Thanks for the bug report.  However, I don't think this is a bug.

Non-scoped rules should be treated the same as scoped rules where the scope is the root element.  In your test, the <style scoped> element is a child of the <body> of the document, while the external style sheet is a non-scoped style sheet, so equivalent to a <style scoped> element that is a child of the <html> element.  Since the scope of the <style scoped> element is within the scope of the external style sheet, the inner scope rules should always win over the outer scope, regardless of specificity.

I'm basing this on
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I hadn't read that part of the spec, but it's quite clear.

Thanks for the help and please accept my apologies.
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