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Rename "fullName" key to "title" in package.json


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After a discussion with Gozala about key naming conventions/consistency in Add-on SDK, and package.json in particular, `fullName` was found to be against the intended `dashes-in-key-names` policy.

And once it was decided that we will go ahead with the renaming, a key name even more appropriate than `full-name` was found: `title`.
P3, patches accepted. It'd need to maintain support for the older name so addons don't break.
Priority: -- → P3
with this patch, addon SDK uses 'title' key from package.json for the addon name. if not present, it falls back to the old 'fullName' key (no addon should fail to build with this change).

updated several existing tests and examples.

not sure if a something as simple as this needs tests, so the 3 new ones are separated in their own commit (for easy inclusion/exclusion).

i considered adding a warning for addons without the new key, but since the renaming is fully transparent and backward-compatible, the warning should probably wait until after this is deployed, and then documented, and maybe even a version or two after that..

btw, you can assign the bug to me..
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I'm not an SDK reviewer, passing this on to Dave for him to find someone to do it.
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Commits pushed to master at
bug 906359 - rename fullName key to title

with fallback for the old key name..
bug 906359 - update tests, examples to use title
bug 906359 - add tests for the rename, fallback
Merge pull request #1272 from zombie/906359-rename-fullName

Bug 906359: rename fullName key to title in package.json. r=Mossop
Closed: 10 years ago
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