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Please update auto-text on 'Tweet Button' for Thimble to copy auto-text in 'Tweet Button' for Popcorn - use #webmaker


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Hello all, 

As the title suggests, I just figured out something that we can change to help find Makes on social:

The 'tweet button' for Thimble auto-populates with something like this:

@erick_leon Aug 18, 5:43pm via Tweet Button
Check out the #MozThimble page I just made:… via @mozilla

I had taken #MozThimble off my tracking list last December when I wrote the 'let's streamline the hashtags and channels' planning roadmap for social. I thought the @mozilla references I was seeing were random folks making mis-attributions, but I went back into hootsuite tonight and saw all the thimble makes had the older tags and used @mozilla for the 'via' attribution. 

I had thought everything had been updated to #Webmaker tags - as the Popcorn makes currently are, as in this example shown below:

@cincompania 6:31pm via Tweet Button
Check out the #Webmaker page I just made: vía @webmaker

Can we:

1. Please update the auto-text for Thimble to use the same #Webmaker and via @webmaker text as Popcorn.

2. See if there are other places we can ensure that the #webmaker tag is used and all other tags and handles for the product are decommissioned?

Hopefully we can get to a simplified taxonomy of:

must have:    @webmaker, #webmaker
nice to have: #makerparty (or whatever is the current event or campaign)
possible?     #Thimble #Popcorn #XrayGoggles in the urls* 

*Ideally, the product names will be in the urls entities - part of the URLs and trackable elements if I understand the twitter entities thing correctly. If not, then oh well. Plz mak tag simpul for look online. ;)

hmm - agreed that changing the tweet-text hashtag to #webmaker will make things easier re: discoverability. 

I think, Kate, you were already looking at the social/share features during workweek, so worth seeing whether you think this is an easy update!
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Would love an update on this - still seeing all Thimble makes sent through the webapp (what's the correct tech term?) using #mozthimble and @mozilla. 

Should be #webmaker and @webmaker.

Kate, were you looking at this? If not we could probably get someone else to look into this soon.
Ok, looking into adding #webmaker + @webmaker now.
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The text will now read:

Check out the #Webmaker page I just made: via @Webmaker

Thimble is currently frozen on production due to security review, so I am not sure when this will land on -- I can leave this bug open until production becomes unblocked if this update is critical.
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Duplicate of this bug: 901075
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Making it #webmaker and @webmaker is done. Unsure if we want support for additional permanent tagging like #PopcornMaker or #Thimble.
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Cannot speak to whether we should leave room for extra stuff in the future, but I can right now say we don't need/want any extra hashtags in play in our outbound shares.
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