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Enable activating TI and IonMonkey for chrome scripts via about:config


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As discussed, Shumway (and other addons, I'm sure) wants ion support in chrome code. The patch here makes it possible to activate that and TI, but leaves both disabled by default.
Renames js.options.typeinference to js.options.typeinference.content, adds and, and wires up their interpretation correctly.
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Enable activating TI and IonMonkey for chrome scripts via about:config

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Looks fine, but we also have to update dom/workers/RuntimeService.cpp..

::: dom/base/nsJSEnvironment.cpp
@@ +724,5 @@
>    // XXX components be covered by the chrome pref instead of the content one?
>    nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMWindow> contentWindow(do_QueryInterface(global));
>    nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMChromeWindow> chromeWindow(do_QueryInterface(global));
> +  bool useTypeInference = Preferences::GetBool(chromeWindow || !contentWindow ?

I know the existing baseline code has it too (and I probably got it from the JM prefs..), but can you add parentheses around the || here and below? Makes it a bit more readable.
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+cc [Memshrink] so we keep an eye on the memory use here.
Whiteboard: [Memshrink]
Memory consumption for TI in chrome compartments has been a problem in the past, but things have changed quite a bit since then.
Whiteboard: [Memshrink]
With moar RuntimeService.cpp changes.

Interestingly, chrome workers already used the preference, so that would have been usable, if it weren't for TI not being activated. Also, man RuntimeService.cpp handles this way nicer than nsJSEnvironment.cpp does.
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Enable activating TI and IonMonkey for chrome scripts via about:config. v2

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Thanks for the quick reviews!
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