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adb logcat of reloading blank linkedin screen

On ZTE Open

1. go to browser
2. go to and login
3. blank screen appears (you can scroll around a bit, but can't ever get to the site, it is just a blank grey screen

I have one report of this in the English support forum and I can repro on my ZTE Open device.
I tested on chrome and firefox browser on my phone and found out, after login, the page stay in a grey screen. The reason is || use wrong uri for their script files, so their pages is not initialized well (tested on my chrome with mobile user-agent).

It's probably linkedin's own problem.
Michelle, which version of firefox OS are you using?
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4 years ago
Hi Naoki,

This is on the commercial build of ZTE Open for Spain. Today, on my v1.0.1 ZTE Open from Spain and my v1.0.1 Alcatel from Colombia I can see the Linkedin login screen, but the Login button does nothing (I can reproduce this on v1.1 on geeksphone keon also). I see the same problem on Firefox for Android:

1. go to
2. enter login credentials
3. a Loading dialog appears for a split second, but I'm not logged into the site (stuck at login page)

I expected to be logged into the site. 

Stock Android browser works fine, so maybe this is evangelism?
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IMHO it's evangelism aka website compatibility because linkedin works if you follow these
0. Open Firefox for Android 23, Android 4.3, Nexus 4
1. Check the "Request Desktop Site" box in the Firefox for 23 Android Menu
2. goto and then do a refresh

What do you see?
1. We receive the desktop content of linkedin and it works on Firefox for Android
2. On Firefox OS you see a brief Javscript popup displaying "loading" and then white screen
3. On Firefox for Android with "Request Desktop Site" unchecked you see brief Javscript popup displaying "loading" and then white screen
4. On the stock Android browser for Android 4.3, Chrome, with "Request desktop site" it works after refreshing just like FF for Android; like FF for Android the mobile site doesn't work nor does the touch site.

What do you expect?
On firefox os and android, the mobile content of linkedin.

What is the version of the browser?
1. Firefox for Android 23
2. Firefox OS 1.0.1 bundled browser based on Gecko 18
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Product: Boot2Gecko → Tech Evangelism
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What seems odd is Michelle had stated stock android works fine; I tried change the UA string in Firefox Browser and I still see the issue in the desktop browser after changing the UA to a Nexus UA string...

It might be that I am tired and seeing things.  :|

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4 years ago
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Yeah this is certainly a TE bug.   i tried logging in myself, and am faced with a white page and a message at the top:

{statusCode":500"message":"{[TypeError: Cannot read property 'appVersion' of undefenied]\n caught: true, \n coreThrown: false,\n catchable: true,\n rethrown: true}"}

Screenshot attached.

My environment:
- Buri 1.2 nighty build, buildID 20130912040201
- User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; rv:26.0) Gecko/26.0 Firefox 26.0

STR: launch browser App, goto (redirects to touch site), and login with credentials.


4 years ago
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4 years ago
oh wait, is this a dupe of bug 826348?
(In reply to Tony Chung [:tchung] from comment #7)
> oh wait, is this a dupe of bug 826348?

yeah it looks like a dupe of bug 826348! hopefully the server change in will fix both ffos and firefox for android

p.s. i think michelle was using stock android browser in an older version of Android NOT Chrome in Android 4.3 (in Android 4.3 there is no stock android browser IIRC)


4 years ago
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 826348
I do not think it is a duplicate. bug 826348 is about linkedin serving the desktop version instead of the mobile version. Here it seems to be an issue with JS and/or JS. This is different.

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4 years ago
It is not a duplicate. When a user loads the mobile version, there is an error:

ERROR: : server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555

CVE-2009-3555 is a server side vulnerability which might allow to compromise a TLS/SSL session and may be preventing to load the Linkedin mobile website.

Related docs:
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