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Icon for weekly Engineering Meetings on Air Mozilla


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>>Project/Request Title:
Icon for weekly Engineering Meetings on Air Mozilla

>>Project Overview:
The Tuesday Engineering meeting [1] is broadcast weekly on Air Mozilla. The event currently uses a Firefox icon. I would like something more specific as we have for the Monday Project meeting [2] or Manager Hacking [3].


>>Creative Specs & Deliverables:
Final deliverable: Icon/graphic suitable for display with Air Mozilla event listings.
Format: 200px x 200px or larger PNG

The icon/graphic should represent the Engineering meeting, which I describe as a weekly time to discuss the work of engineering teams and share information relevant to the day-to-day work of engineers. There are typically 50+ people at this meeting, which covers all of engineering (desktop, mobile, b2g, platform).

Note: I have listed the next occurance of this meeting. This is not a high priority request. It would be great to update the icon as time permits.

>>Launch Date:

>>Creative Due Date:
Not provided

>>Mozilla Goal:
Engineering (Desktop/Mobile/B2G)

>>Points of Contact:
Hi Lawrence, 

Sorry for the silence. We are currently finishing up some bigger projects. Once those are finished, we'll pick this up, if that sounds good. 

I'll keep you up to date!

Sounds good to me. Do you have a rough idea of when you'll be able to get back to me? (Week, month, next quarter?)
Hopefully I'll have a better idea about timing in the next week.
An update, as promised. I'm assigning this over to our designer, Matt. He should be able to have this finalized by the end of the month, if that works for you? 

Assignee: tshahian → mternoway
Due Date: 2013-08-27 → 2013-09-30
Yes. End of month works for me. Thanks!
Hi guys, I want to share a concept for the Engineer Meetings icon.  I hope I am not too way off on this...I wasn't entirely sure which way to go about it, so I've gone with a simple iconic look which plays off of common (as far as a designer would know :S ) engineering 'elements'.  All the elements make up the head of a quirky robot.  I've known engineers to be a good-humored group so thought I would play off of that and create a personality driven look. Attached is a PDF of a dark and white background layout on several slides. Looking forward to hearing any input or feedback.

Thanks for sharing the concept Matt. I agree that engineers in general have a quirky sense of humour. However, I'm wondering if this icon is a bit too comical or goofy. Not that we have to copy the other icons currently in use on Air Mozilla or be as serious but here are a few samples:

Sean - Would love to get your input.
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Some feedback from irc about the icon:

Pike: lmandel: I like it
AaronMT: reminds me of the old mozmill crowd addon icon
Thanks Lawrence. Am slightly confused by the feedback - are you concerned that it's too goofy (comment #7), or is it ok (comment #8).

Personally, I do think it's really cute but it seems a little silly for what I would imagine is a fairly serious meeting. But let us know.
(In reply to John Slater from comment #9)
> Thanks Lawrence. Am slightly confused by the feedback - are you concerned
> that it's too goofy (comment #7), or is it ok (comment #8).
> Personally, I do think it's really cute but it seems a little silly for what
> I would imagine is a fairly serious meeting. But let us know.

I agree with your assessment. I just wanted to document that some other people liked it as I got those responses in irc.
Sounds good. In that case, Matt, can you take another pass? Not sure if this would work or not, but as a starting point you may want to consider doing a less silly version of what you have now. If that's not doable, then probably best to go in a different direction entirely.
Thanks John, I think it may be best if I work out another design from a different direction. Thank you Lawrence for passing along those examples, they will give me some inspiration to draw from.
Hi guys, I have connected with Sean Martell regarding this request, and he has given me some insight into a set look for all channels on Air Mozilla. Basically each channel would have their own unique icon within a coloured speech bubble. I am thinking something like the gears or wrench might be a nice way to represent engineers. I hope to have something to show in the next day or so.

Attached image EngineerIcon.jpg
Hi guys, my apologies, this has fallen off my radar. From where I left off, Sean and I had discussed further about the best solution for this space. We feel that making use of simple one colour glyphs based on the Air Mozilla logo would keep things unified but still offer a unique look to each channel. I have a few options attached for Engineer meetings. Let me know what you think.

Attached image EngineerIcon_v2.jpg
Attached image EngineerIcon_v3.jpg
I like the two blue logos (comment 15 and comment 16). I like the idea of including a wrench but think that the three gears is cleaner as shown.
Thanks Lawrence, I agree that the 3 gears give the cleanest appearance and reads well at a small scale.
Thanks, Matt!

Do you have everything you need for this? If so, please go ahead and resolve. Thanks!
Clearing needinfo on Sean.

Richard - Is the icon in comment 15 good as is for use on Air Mozilla?

Matt - Do you have any source files for creation of the icon that you can attach to the bug in case we want to tweak in the future?
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Hi Lawrence, I've attached an Illustrator version of the icon.
Thanks! I'm going to resolve this bug. We will start using the new icon for next week's meeting.
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