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[OS.File] OS.File doesn't expose flush on file object from chrome


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The documentation talks about a flush method on file objects, but it isn't being exposed, at least when using OS.File from chrome code:
The change is actually rather simple:
- in osfile_async_worker.jsm, add a method File_prototype_flush that calls File.prototype.flush, much like e.g File_prototype_setPosition calls File.prototype.setPosition);
- in osfile_async_front.jsm, add a method File.prototype.flush that sends message File_prototype_flush, much like e.g. File.prototype.setPosition sends message File_prototype_setPosition.
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Hi, this could be a first bug to start, can it be assigned to me?
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Summary: OS.File doesn't expose flush on file object from chrome → [OS.File] OS.File doesn't expose flush on file object from chrome
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Note that this patch is on top of some other patches (bug 928239, bug 924858, bug 924916) in my queue and will fail to apply the xpcshell.ini hunk without the other patches.
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In that case, could you add dependencies?
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Expose async |flush()| in OS.File.

Review of attachment 818844 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good, thanks.

::: toolkit/components/osfile/modules/osfile_async_front.jsm
@@ +498,5 @@
> +  },
> +
> +  /**
> +   * Flushes the file's buffers and causes all buffered data
> +   * to be written.

Could you add one line to mention that this operation is generally quite expensive, serves essentially to protect against hardware/kernel/power failures taking place immediately after the write and should be reserved for valuable files?
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How about:
Disk flushes are very expensive and therefore should be used carefully, sparingly and only in scenarios where it is vital that data survives system crashes. Even though the function will be executed off the main-thread, it might still affect the overall performance of any running application.
Unbitrotted. Carrying over r=yoric.
Part of this green try:
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Updated article to state |.flush()| is supported in the async interface since Gecko 27:
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