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B2G: Don't kill adb (or lock the screen) if a debugger client is connected


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Soon, we will be able to connect our tools to Firefox OS via adb.

Firefox OS kills adb on lock.

Can we not kill adb if a client is connected?
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So what we need to achieve this is to have the ability to query if a debug session is in progress. This only needs to be queryable from chrome.

I'm not familiar with the remote debugging code that runs on the server. Does anyone know where that can be found?
I said server and meant phone (although I'm guessing that they're the same)
The server keeps a map of current connections in DebuggerServer._connections, so you can count the active connections with Object.keys(DebuggerServer._connections).length.
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With this patch we don't shutdown adb anymore when a debugging session is ongoing. It's probably good enough for most cases, but I would be slightly happier is there is a way to be notified by the DebuggerServer when connections are opened and closed. Panos, is that possible?
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patch v1

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We should probably also disable the timer if a debug session is active. Something along the lines of:

if (enableAdb && !isDebugging)
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patch v1

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We do have a connection notification mechanism in the client side, but not in the server side:

However we do send a DOM event when the server is shutting down:

Either of those approaches would work. Do we need this in this bug or as a followup?
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Panos, I tried the window event, but it's firing before the DebuggerServer._connections list is updated. Instead I added a way to get notified of connections being opened or closed. Works fine for me, but let me know if you prefer that to be implemented differently.
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patch v2

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I would have preferred using EventEmitter to cope with multiple callbaccks, but I see that we haven't moved it to toolkit/ yet, so this should suffice for now.

::: toolkit/devtools/server/main.js
@@ +185,5 @@
> +
> +  _fireConnectionChange: function() {
> +    if (this.onConnectionChange &&
> +        typeof this.onConnectionChange === "function") {
> +      this.onConnectionChange(this);

Passing the whole DebuggerServer sounds too much. Why not pass a state parameter to _fireConnectionChange (e.g."opened", "closed") and let that propagate to the callback?
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Dave, thanks a lot for you reactivity on this issue.
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