Closed Bug 915788 Opened 7 years ago Closed 6 years ago Website Pages need to be editable by a Comms Admin account - we're experiencing huge blockers in our ability to work effectively.


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Hello all, 

We'll add our case by case bugs - but we need to have access to editing basic page content such as text, images and links on the pages of the Webmaker website. 

The current situation where we apply for a spot on the development schedule is not synchronizing well with our campaign schedules.

How can we best achieve a working solution for both teams?
This is almost certainly something that needs to start as an email thread to the right people.  I don't think doing this in Bugzilla, until we know what we're actually doing, is the right thing.

Rebeccah, would be you willing to send a mail to some of the relevant people and get a discussion going?
I'd be happy to, however I'm not sure who the right people are, nor what the issues might be related to website content authoring. 

If you can help us identify a better method for this conversation I know many of us would be eager to participate. 

We all have the same objective of bringing lots of people to the site and we're hoping to lighten the load on the dev team as well by being able to manage our own site real estate such as the /party page.

Perhaps we'll defer on doing anything specific until the management retreat has a change to confer?
Blocks: 915770
Blocks: 925106
Having these pages be editable like a CMS isn't technically possible.  Resolving.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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