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Use the tooltip widget to preview images in the devtools web console


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Bug 765105 introduces a new tooltip widget that may be used when hovering over any type of element to show previews or more information, ...

It may be interesting for the web console to make use of this widget to display image previews for instance when the output is an <img> DOM node.

There may be other use cases for this tooltip in the web console.
Depends on: 765105
Summary: Use the tooltip widget to preview images → Use the tooltip widget to preview images in the devtools web console
I'm trying to think of other use cases besides images:

* for web fonts we could show the font preview, a la font inspector. this seems actually useful.

* extensibility - extension developers should be able to detect types of network requests or other console items and provide a tool tip or some other decoration for them.

* for source files ( js / css ) we could show meta-data not already visible in the web console? unsure what would be useful, maybe internal things like if there is a sourcemap, if the file is minimized, if it has been blackboxed

* for entire web pages we could use the screenshot / preview functionality used by about:newtab? ...but in the common case that would just get you a tiny screenshot of the page you're already looking at. This doesn't seem particularly useful.
Priority: -- → P3
Severity: normal → enhancement
Product: Firefox → DevTools
Severity: normal → S3
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