Clicking on an in-progress download should activate a "launch when succeeded" setting for the download




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Currently in the Downloads Panel, in order to launch a download the user has to do either:
1) wait for the download to complete and then click on the item in the list
2) right-click on the download and choose "open containing folder" and then double-click on the item when the download has completed

Clicking on an in-progress download currently has no effect. Clicking on a completed download will open the file. Clicking on a paused download has no effect. Clicking on a cancelled download has no effect.

A single-click on an in-progress download should activate a setting on this download to "launch when succeeded". We can add a context menuitem to cancel the impending launch.

After the setting has been activated, we should prepend the amount of time left with "Opening in " and remove the " remaining" suffix.

For example, when a download is in progress it may display:
"3 minutes, 7 seconds remaining"

After this "launch when succeeded" setting has been activated, the download should display:
"Opening in 3 minutes, 7 seconds"
As I understand it, in order to hook this up the Download.launchWhenSucceeded property should be set to `true`.
The context menu item to cancel the impending opening can be a checkbox menuitem that reads "Open when done" or "Open when finished". It will be unchecked by default, but checked if the user has clicked on the download item. Unchecking the item will disable the impending opening.
Paolo, how actionable is this with the current download panel refactoring ongoing? I would like to assign it to a student I am mentoring if possible.
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3 years ago
There are multiple parts to this bug that can be addressed independently.

One is that when "launchWhenSucceeded" is true, the remaining time text will display "Opening in 3 minutes, 7 seconds". We can do this now and it will apply to downloads where the user selected "Open" in the initial dialog where the action is chosen.

Another part is about making an in-progress download where "launchWhenSucceeded" is false clickable, to mean that it will be opened. The new redesign will probably make the main area of the item clickable in more cases, for example to resume or retry failed downloads. It may make sense to do that all together as the changes have similar styling and logic changes.
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