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Steps to reproduce:

Open attached test.htm on firefox

Actual results:

Hindi by unicode are not correctly displayed on firefox. Microsoft IE and Google Chrome can display correctly. I did not confirm other language unicode.

Expected results:

Should be correctly displayed same as other browser.


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These are combining marks; it doesn't generally make much sense to use them in isolation, without an appropriate base letter (or following a space / non-breaking space). Do they display correctly when used within actual text?

If you really want to display the marks in isolation, with a dotted-circle in place of the base letter (e.g. for a chart of Unicode characters), you should explicitly encode them as such, e.g. ◌॑. Do they display correctly when used in this way?

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5 years ago
Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for your comment but would you please just open the attached test.htm by Microsoft IE or Google chrome? You can see the difference from the case of firefox.
I don't think that the content in the attached test.htm has wrong format. And I cannot understand what you want to say but the technically any unicode by such format like as ॑, ॒ and ॓ should be correctly converted to display the standardized characters on the browser like as Microsoft IE or Google chrome. Therefore, it is definitely clear that firefox has bug.
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