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Figure out and implement new crash severity metric


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(Whiteboard: [StabilityWeek2013])

At our stability week, in we discussed creating a new crash severity metric that we could use instead of the pure top crash reports we are using right now.

Here's the things we said we should include there:
- # of (unique)impacted users, or percentage of users on channel [AVAILABLE TODAY]
- crashes per install [AVAILABLE TODAY]
  - impacts more than X installations (150k on a critical crash?) 
- # of comments [AVAILABLE TODAY]
- # of curse words in comments (multilingually)
- hangs versus crashes [AVAILABLE TODAY]
- plugin versus browser [AVAILABLE TODAY]
- startup crashes!! also permanent versus non-permanent [AVAILABLE TODAY]
- URL of the crashing site (like the doodle...)
- more crash types
  - crashes while editing [NEEDS BUG]
  - crashes soon after update [AVAILABLE TODAY] 
- Browser uptime (2 crashes if you are usin the browser in an hour is too high) [TODAY]
- histogram of recent crashes? [NEEDS BUG]
- crash and don't get your tabs back (session restore) [non-actionable?]

We still need to figure out how to weigh those items.
Whiteboard: [StabilityWeek2013]
Closed: 3 years ago
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