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Point out "interesting" addresses in Socorro UI


(Socorro :: Webapp, task)

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(Whiteboard: [StabilityWeek2013])

This action item was noted in the stability week 2013 from the JS session:

Do something (in Socorro UI) with "interesting" addresses (mark them?) 

See for more information. Also Nicolas and Benjamin can probably provide some details on what is "interesting" and how we should point them out.
As described in the Wiki, this is more about grouping signatures based on their addresses.
 - NULL + epsilon
 - -1 like.
 - Poisoned pointers 0x…dadadada.
 - Same bottom part (& 0xFF).
 - Boxed values: 0x7fff… (on 64 bits systems).

Note that some of these may overlap, but they are also good way to classify and track signatures, and this work also in generated code (when we have little / no backtrace).  In addition, it provides a finer grain distinction of the problem.  Also the bottom part of crashing addresses is the first step to understand which inlined function has to be blamed.
still desired?
Definitely. I actually learn a lot from the kind of bugs based on the crash-address.

 - 0x…000 can identify of a buffer overflow.

Just by looking at the addresses, you can better characterized the kind of issues, and assess the security level of the crashes.

Being able to identify address patterns, such as (i * 40 + 4) might help distinguish a specific memory access on a crashing line.
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