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add mochitest server options to CLI options


(Testing :: Mochitest, defect)

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add mochitest server options to CLI options

See (etc)

webServer, httpPort and sslPort are set on the options instance in

They aren't in fact command line options however; they should be!

Note that they are already (sorta, remoteWebServer ~ webServer)
options for B2GOptions:
I don't think these ports need to be configurable, necessarily, since we probably have them hardcoded all over the place. The remote harnesses need them configurable, since the server is running on one machine and the tests on another.
I'm not sure if there is a usecase for specifying a non-in-tree server; guessing not, being prohibited by the ability to interpret .sjs files (although probably doable in node).  However, I would guess/suppose that if we parallelize mochitest that we will need to/may want to specify the ports.

That said, I'm content closing.  The way it is now doesn't hurt anything
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