Open Bug 919619 Opened 8 years ago Updated 7 years ago

[tracking] Dashboard to display performance projects, activities and other useful metrics


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This is a tracking bug to create a simple dashboard where folks can go to learn about performance projects at Mozilla.

This would include things like Talos, Eideticker, B2GPerf, Stoneridge, etc.

For each project we would need to document what the tools are, what they do, how to run them, how to interpret results, etc.

In addition to documenting the tools, usage, and specific tests available, we need to document metrics to show the health and value these projects provide.  This could be as simple as number of resources (jobs) running (i.e. cost), number of regressions/improvements found, number of commits/contributors/bugs/feature_requests, number of results collected, or anything that we find useful to track a project.
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