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publish updates to balrog prod


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We should publish the production updates to balrog dev, stage, and prod (once all of those environments are up). We should probably stop publishing to dev at some point, and reserve that for actually development testing.
Attached patch use multiple balrog roots (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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make it possible to submit to multiple balrog servers

Waiting for updated patch.
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We decided that just prod is good enough for now.
Summary: publish updates to balrog dev, stage, and prod → publish updates to balrog prod
Need Puppet changes too, but both the username and password are stored as secrets on the Puppet server. I'll update this bug when I've done that.
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18:04 < bhearsum> nthomas: ack, i just realized that the balrog submitter isn't going to work - it's going to fail to validate the certificate because 
         uses a Mozilla Root CA cert
18:05 < bhearsum> i'll need to think about adding that root to the cert bundle we verify against
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I think this is OK to do, because we should trust our own internal services as much as things signed by another root, right?
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add mozilla root ca certificate to bundle

r+ for misc/certs/ca-bundle.crt changes, lib/python/release/ is unrelated.
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in production - the overnight nightlies will report to balrog production \o/!
This has been working fine for days.
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