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Firefox css inspector doesn't find the correct url for some images.


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Firefox 27


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Steps to reproduce:

Go to for example, try to inspect and see the url for one of the texture images.

Actual results:

You can see the background-image: url("/patterns/wild_flowers.png"); in the element, but clicking the link sends you to chrome://browser/patterns/wild_flowers.png

Expected results:

Chrome sends to the correct url, and if you use Firefox with my devtools-tweaks addon ( you can at least get to it by right clicking url( and selecting open in new tab. Firefox should go to the correct url by default though.
WFM, I see the complete URL:

Can you test in safe mode, please:
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What version of Firefox shows the whole url? That is incorrect, since that image was declared on the page with


as you can see in view-source. but that would be a different bug.
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I'm seeing the same behavior in safe mode, and in nightly. The link in the right panel doesn't take you to the image.
I am seeing the problem in nightly as well.
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This was an issue with a path needing to be resolved when stored in an inline style attribute.  Using rule.domRule.href instead of rule.sheet.href, which fixes the problem (as the server fakes the href property on attributes.
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Thank you! - but does that mean this will only be fixed in Firefox 27?
You can check here:

The code will be merged on 28 Oct 2013 into Firefox 28.
Huh?  Why Firefox 28?  It landed in m-c, so it's part of 27, which becomes the stable release on 2014-01-21.
Depends on: 1130330
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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