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Firefox icon briefly shows when opening a new tab and navigating to slow SSL site


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On beta, I'm seeing that opening about:newtab doesn't show the firefox icon (not sure if that's expected). Then navigating to an SSL page with which I don't have an open connection (say, I haven't opened Facebook for a while, and go to using the awesomebar dropdown (dunno if that matters) briefly shows the Firefox icon. I'll try to get a screencast, but somewhat by definition this mostly happens when I'm not thinking about it...

Might be related to bug 908534?
Summary: Firefox icon briefly shows when navigating to slow SSL site → Firefox icon briefly shows when opening a new tab and navigating to slow SSL site
This also happens under other conditions.

When I click bookmarked icon on Bookmarks toolbar, sometimes Firefox icon would flash in the location bar, when the displayed URL showed correctly.

Most often I notice this happening when doing searches via "Search bar" (or how it's called) and search redirects to google with Firefox icon briefly flashing as the location icon.

I was alarmed by this initially, thinking that Firefox is redirecting my searches to it's own servers.. but then after further investigation and repeated occurrences I noticed that it is just the icon.

Seems quite important to me to have this fixed.

Firefox 25.0
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