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DataStore should send the principal as argument in sendAsyncMessage


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Depends on: 904298
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::: dom/datastore/DataStoreService.js
@@ +240,4 @@
>            self.getDataStoreCreate(aWindow, resolve, aStores);
> +        }, function() {
> +          debug("DataStoreServiceChild error callback!");
> +          reject(new aWindow.DOMError("SecurityError", "Access deny"));

Nit: denied.
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(In reply to Andrea Marchesini (:baku) from comment #4)

sorry had to back this out since we had perma orange failures in mochitest 3 on b2g ics after this push. The failure was
(Un-CCing sheriffs@ since this was just a backout - Tomcat please re CC if there was something else that we needed to be aware of :-))
Attached patch dataStore_principal.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
The principal cannot be checked on B2g Desktop because it always fails.
The reason is that the mochitests run in a test app, but DataStore mochitests install a new app. The principal is checked on top of the 'main' app.
DataStore sends the principal of the nested app and the principal check kills it.
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Please file a follow-up bug to remove the "geo." prefix from this pref.  Thanks!
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Ok this is  a naive question, but why does the child still send the principal at all? I was assuming that the code in 916091 make it so the child doesn't send it at all, but it still seems to get sent, but maybe its just validated somehow?

I mean in reference to this code in DataStoreService.js:

   { name: aName }, null, aWindow.document.nodePrincipal );
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Bug 916091 makes possible to send the principal with a message.
The reason why we send the principal is for 3 reasons:

1. validation - using AssertAppPrincipal

2. and for retrieving the appId and do an additional validation in DataStoreService.
bug 942639

3. for checking which DataStore has to be sent in readonly and what in read/write.
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