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Make sure JSGC_BEGIN callback runs again if we reset an incremental GC


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Andrew wants to use the JSGC_BEGIN callback to purge some data stored weakly in a cache. We do this in a few places in the JS engine. The problem is that the following can happen:

begin incremental GC, clearing the cache
store X something in the cache
reset the GC
sweep X
try to access X via the cache

I think it makes the most sense to re-run the JSGC_BEGIN callback when we reset. Here's a patch to do that, although it's untested. I've pushed it to try here:

Andrew, would you mind testing this to see if it makes your problem go away? I'll ask jonco to review if everything seems to work.
It has been running bc for 26 minutes without a crash, and without those other changes we made, so it looks like it works, thanks!
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The try results don't look too good. I'll take a look today or tomorrow. I might have messed up the scheduling of the next GC.
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Try looks good.
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Hooray, thanks Bill!
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reset-fix v2

Review of attachment 821330 [details] [diff] [review]:

Great, not calling the begin callback when we restart the GC sounds like a really bad idea.
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